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Kiley is a qualified Equitation Science International Coach (ESI.dip), having studied and completed her diploma directed by Dr Andrew McLean, Equitation Science International and its graduates are paving the way for a more modern and ethical approach to horse training and coaching that can be easily understood and applied by horse riders of all ages and levels.


The Diploma of Equitation Science is a nationally accredited horse training and coaching qualification based on the scientific principles of how horses behave, learn and move. It is the only evidence-based horse training qualification in the country (AU).


Ethical, researched and peer-reviewed equitation science.
Committed to enhancing horse welfare and improving the horse–rider relationship.


Kiley has trained under the best in the field, is a member and attended the recent ISES conference. She is an advocate for horse welfare, teaching and sharing this knowledge is both rewarding and benefits all horse and riders, improving many areas with their horse human interactions - just a few are - increased safety, connection, communication techniques, improved welfare, foundation training, in hand and under saddle training.


Some key learning points include; 


  • Understanding the correct use of learning theory, how it relates to horses and improves horse - rider connection, communication and safety.

  • Go, Stop, yield, obstacles. In hand and under saddle, helping with dressage and basic jumping technique.

  • The training scale and its importance in reaching effective equine learning.

  • Habituation & Desensitisation techniques to help manage your horse safely.

  • 5 Domains Model of animal welfare, understanding the ethology of horses and their needs.


What We Offer

  • After school learning programs for up to 3 riders per group in term 1,2 & 4 with our horses.

  • Small group lessons on request with our horses

  • Private lessons with our horses - for all ages, disciplines and levels. Private lesson bringing your own horse.


Please enquire for more information and we will look at the schedule, some of these will run during the summer school holidays and are subject to availability.



  • $80 per hour one on one with Kiley

  • $720 for 10 lessons paid in advance.

  • Groups of 2-3pp $60pp per hour.


Enquiries for lessons via email or contact form.

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