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  • CANCELLATION POLICY/How far out from our booking date can we make changes?
    A guide and horse is ready for you and we have turned away other people in your place. We are sure you understand why we adhere to the following booking policy: Sandy Bay Glamping & Horse Tours cancellation information FOR TRAIL RIDES - Native Tuna Trail - Tuna Trail Journey - Calm Bay Ocean Swim - Ocean Heights to Hidden Valley 80% REFUND OVER 2 WEEKS OUT FROM YOUR BOOKING DATE 50% REFUND 1-2 WEEKS OUT FROM YOUR BOOKING DATE 0% REFUND LESS THAN 48HRS FROM YOUR BOOKING DATE Advanced riding packages- For the Luxury Glamping & 2 Day Riding Tour- Cancellation over 40 days before you're booking date - full refund. 65% is refundable if cancelled between 21-40 days from your arrival date. 0% is refundable within 21 days before your booking date. All riders will require payment if one or more people are missing there are no refunds *genuine cases will be considered. If you are greater than 20min late from your arrival time you may have to re-book (no-refunds) plus a 25% cancellation fee. The final decision is at the discretion of your guide. By confirming with Sandy Bay Horse Trekking Ltd you have agreed to all of these terms. Firstly rides are RESCHEDULED due to bad weather, or if possible a alternative route can be used, **ALL RIDES GO AHEAD IN MODERATE WIND AND LIGHT RAIN. FULL REFUND ON RIDES ONLY IF THEY ARE CANCELLED DUE TO VERY BAD WEATHER and rescheduling is not an option for guests. NO FURTHER COSTS CAN BE CLAIMED FROM SANDY BAY HORSE TREKKING Ltd DUE TO A CANCELLATION MADE BY US. *COVID related issues - fully refunded depending on the situation. ACCOMMODATION- Awatuna yurt/ riding package for unforeseeable weather - Nightly accomodation & food charge remains in bad weather and the portion for the guided rides only will be refunded, or the rides rescheduled, alternative routes may be taken if possible. Our booking platform canopy camping escapes outlines their cancellation policies when booking Awatuna Yurt separately from the riding package. Airbnb farmstay - full refund 5 days out from your booking date. When booking with us you adhere to this cancellation policy.
  • What time do we need to arrive, and what are the season schedules?"
    Ride schedule in the summer season is 9.00am, with additional rides at 11.00am for the tuna trails. 12.30pm for the ocean swim Advanced rides will depart depending on the itinerary. Trail Season- December - May (beginner / Intermediate rides) Advanced ride season - January-May / subject to availability, pre season booking is advised so you get the dates you would prefer. Online booking. Please arrive at least 10minutes prior, there is approx half hour required for logistics and mounting.
  • Is there Accomodation?
    We offer Luxury glamping at Awatuna Yurt perfect for couples in an absolutely idyllic setting. We also have a farmstay cabin & renovated caravan (max 4 pax) great for families. Both of these can be booked through the accommodations page on this website which will have a link, or directly through canopy camping escapes for Awatuna Yurt. Luxury Glamping & 2 Day Riding Tour On this tour you will stay at Awatuna Yurt (limited spaces) email to book.
  • What happens if I am late?
    If you are greater than 20mins late from your arrival time you may have to re-book (no-refunds) plus a 25% cancellation fee. Final decision is at the discretion of your guide.
  • If one or more people from our group are missing on the day what will happen?
    All confirmed bookings are paid in advance through our website, if one or more people are missing they will not recieve refunds & responsibility is taken by the person who made the booking.
  • What to expect on the Advanced rides/ 2 day tour / Full Day
    All of our rides are subject to reasonable weather conditions. We will always do our best to monitor the conditions and if possible reschedule. However in the busy season we are limited to how much we can do this and it also depends a lot on guests itinerary's. We will use alternative routes when we can and try to go ahead, in light rain and moderate wind we will still complete the booking. Itinerary information is on the website when you make your enquiries and book the advanced rides, email Kiley for any more information you may require. This gives you an opportunity to enquire about the whole process of these packages in detail, and also to have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The horses are trained for these rides in particular, the hills are steep and there will be smaller sections for cantering. In hot weather the horses may need more rest stops and cooling. Your guide will be professional and experienced in these types of rides and will advise you the best action for the horses, riders, terrain and the weather in our location.
  • What do we need to bring?
    Helmets are provided and we use safety stirrups. You will require closed shoes ie trainers, solid sandals, take a Camera/phone for pics, water bottle, and plenty of sunblock! Small towel/ swimwear/ for swimming option (Dec-May). On the advanced rides please make enquiries for any special requests, there is a trip itinerary for the 2 day package on our website.
  • What happens if it is raining?
    BAD= HEAVY RAIN/over 30 Knots wind we cancel (at our discretion) or reschedule, I will contact you on your EMAIL/PHONE one night prior. All trails go ahead in light showers/rain. We do not go in very bad weather.
  • Is my credit card charged when I make the booking?
    All booking is online via credit cards.
  • Is there a Weight Limit?
    Yes our weight limit is 80kgs (176.5 lb) for advanced the full day and 3 day packages. 85kg for beginner and intermediate rides. this may increase in the future but currently this is the maximum our current herd can take. Horses are not ok to take more than 20% of their body weight (average horse 450-500kgs) so it is important to be honest and adhere to the generous side if you are not sure. If you are over the weight restriction unless arranged we will NOT take you and you will still be charged so please be honest, we have scales on site. We have a select few horses for the 80kg range, we have limited availability for this weight range.
  • Can I ride on Sandy Bay Beach?
    No, we only take experienced riders on the Ocean Swim Trail to a private beach.
  • Can we swim the horses?
    Yes this is an option on the Calm Bay Ocean Swim (Dec-May). 2pp minimum. Experienced riders ONLY.
  • What is the age limit?
    8yrs + for beginner rides. 13yrs + for all advanced rides.
  • How big are the groups and can I book as a single?
    We can take up to *5 people for beginner rides (conditions apply/* weight ranges). Minimum 2 people. max *4pp on the swim ride. max/min 2pp on the advanced rides. If you are by yourself, you can join/ fit in with another booking if available. Or if you wish, we can take *private rides at a higher rate *(conditions apply) please enquire.
  • Can we go fast?
    Advanced rides: Our horses have to deal with quite steep northland terrain in the summer months, we may have smaller sections too canter but the tracks are mainly steep and narrow therefore require some care to be ridden safely, some strides in canter are also possible on the smaller beach. For the beginner rides it is strictly walking pace.
  • What to expect riding in the summer heat?
    Due to fairness for the horses in the summer heat we take it easy or cancel/postpone when over 30 degrees celsius due to the high intensity of the NZ sun, also to protect our clients from over heating.
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