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 Luxury Glamping And Horse Tours

Your Hosts

Kiley, Dylan Pullman and children Paige and Sonny are your hosts at Sandy Bay, along with 9 horses and 4 dogs - Brownie, Bolt, Roxy and Bluey.


Originally, the property was a dairy farm owned by Dylan's Grandparents and Great Grandparents. Kiley and Dylan and their children are the 4th and 5th generations to live on the land.


Over the last 13 years, Kiley and Dylan have been reestablishing the native trees and plants that once would have covered the property. Of particular pride to the family are the kuwharuwharu tuna (long-fin eels) that thrive in their valley. They're an ancient species who have lived in the stream on the property for many years. They are very much cherished and protected by the family who regards them as pets.


Kiley and Dylan love their beach locality, the beauty and the warm climate of their Northland location.


Setting up glamping on their land has been a dream for a long time and they look forward to welcoming you to enjoy it!


Glamping & Stays

With the ocean just minutes away, our coastal glamping and farmstay is a perfect getaway to rest and relax.


Horse Trails

Create lasting memories with a beautiful coastal trail. Options for beginners to advanced riders. 


Meet Kiley...

Kiley has connected with horses most of her life. After many years working in different areas with horses she now encourages people to come and experience some moments with her horses and give them lots of affection! They each have their own nature and definately like their routine! The herd of 9 are a family and have a special dynamic together, they have grazed together for a long time and some have been born on the land.

"Horses are inquisitive animals! My goal is to nurture their ethology and communicate in ways that make sense to the horse. Once the horse understands they have controllability of the pressure we as humans put on them, such as riding, they have more confidence to accomplish what we ask safely. It is my goal to train our horses in this way and help teach people this technique with horse human interactions."

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